Monday, August 3, 2015

Everyday's a Fiesta at Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North!

Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North's interior.

Remember when, from one of my previous posts, I said that Dagupan City lacked buffet restaurants within close proximity? Well, on July 24, 2015, a buffet restaurant around 15-30 minutes from Dagupan City opened its doors to the public. Making titular the town of Binmaley's (where it is currently nestled) main livelihood, Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North from its name alone promises a feast from the bounty of the land and the sea.

Barbecued Baby Backribs Buffet at Casa Bella Ribs and Seafood Restaurant!

The outdoor seating at Casa Bella's.

I've been living in Pangasinan for 18 years already, and one thing that I have to say about the variety of Dagupan City's dining establishments is that it's generally lacking in that department.
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