Monday, June 20, 2016

Tribute to Summer 02: The Palm Tree Resort in Subic is Perfect for your Summer Heartbreak!

D'you fancy sitting here, a cold drink in hand, while gazing at this lovely view?

Here in Pangasinan where I come from, tourists come for the infamous beaches for their amazing beauty and world-class quality. Think Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Patar Beach in Bolinao, and the surfers' favorite Lingayen Beach in the provincial capital.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tribute to Summer 01: Fun, Wellness and Rejuvenation at RoheiM Farm and Resort in Brgy. Colisao, San Fabian!

"I want to test your faith," the Whale at RoheiM Farm and Resort seems to (hungrily) say. 

"Summer". Whenever we hear the word, we tend to get glassy-eyed and start to daydream about the sea, the sun, the sand, and ice-cold drinks while Olaf's summer anthem plays on repeat in our heads. For students like my twelve-year old brother, summer is a blissful time of catching up on some sleep, watching TV until dawn, and being free from homework. It's a bit different from how we salarymen imagine to spend it, but the infallible truth is: no matter how anyone else thinks about it, summer will always be synonymous to swimming.
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