Monday, August 3, 2015

Everyday's a Fiesta at Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North!

Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North's interior.

Remember when, from one of my previous posts, I said that Dagupan City lacked buffet restaurants within close proximity? Well, on July 24, 2015, a buffet restaurant around 15-30 minutes from Dagupan City opened its doors to the public. Making titular the town of Binmaley's (where it is currently nestled) main livelihood, Sigay Fiestahan Buffet of the North from its name alone promises a feast from the bounty of the land and the sea.

**NOTE: Sigay is a Pangasinan word meaning "harvest".

The restaurant was not hard to find. Aside from the fact that it's by the highway, it's also known for taking the place of one of Binmaley's strongest restaurants in the past-- Bangsal Seafood Restaurant. I've heard from my mom that Bangsal did not go bankrupt; it merely transferred to the building beside Sigay. 

One of the owners who also happens to be the head chef was a classmate of mine back in high school, and he was also a schoolmate in college. His life partner is also an acquaintance of mine, as we both grew up in the same village. Too bad I did not meet any of them when I went last Sunday.

The price of Php 295.00 per person (free for birthday celebrants who dine only on the exact day of their birthday with valid ID and at least one guest) is not a bad deal.

Dessert table. Those chocolate balls are actually good for when you feel as if you've had too much lechon.

Salad bar.

Sushi bar.

The baked macaroni had a strong taste of parsley.

Outdoor seating facing the fishpond. I found the sushi very good; the rice had just enough vinegar to make it taste sweet and sour.

When I contacted my acquaintance about details regarding the place, she gave me great tips to enjoy my dining experience. She said that dining al fresco isn't bad but to opt for the indoor seating where it's air-conditioned and you're near the buffet stations. Initially, we were seated outside as the restaurant was full (and that's why a reservation is very essential). It was a pleasant experience because during the time we were outside, the breeze was blowing and it was quite cool. Plus, eating with a waterfront view is never bad. We transferred inside when a table became available but found that the air-conditioning was inadequate for our taste.

These potato balls actually go quite well with the mayonnaise dip.

They have these rocking chairs in an azotea facing the water and the breeze is quite strong around here (just look at baby's serene sleeping face for proof).

We've actually been to this place back when it was still Bangsal, and I could say that not much of it was changed or renovated-- not that it's a bad thing, though. The interior of the place with its charming wooden balustrades and elegant chandeliers will always entrance me with their whimsical combination. I remember when there used to be nipa huts on stilts sitting on the water connected to the restaurant for those who prefer intimate dining.

Over-all, it's a good place to eat when you're in Binmaley or Dagupan. Some of the foods are note-worthy (like the lechon, sisig, and sushi), while some have failed to impress.

Sigay Fiestahan is open from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (lunch) and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (dinner). It stands at Brgy. Nansangaan (formerly Bangsal Seafood Restaurant), Binmaley, Pangasinan. Children who stand at three and a half feet or shorter are free.  I advise everyone to come early. We came at 1:00 pm (two hours after the start of the lunch buffet) and some of the dishes have already been wiped out! At 1:40 pm, they stopped serving some of the special dishes like lechon (which is such a pity, since its skin was so crispy and the meat delicious) and the sisig (another pity, since it was also good). 

It's also always good to make a reservation. Visit their Facebook page for contact details and more information.


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