Monday, July 4, 2016

Tribute to Summer 03: Feeling like a Cowgirl! Horseback-riding at Wright Park, Baguio City

Beautiful horses waiting to give customers a ride at Wright Park.

The third post in the Tribute to Summer series details the trip I took with my family to Baguio City on a warm, sunny day after a meet-up with my endocrinologist.

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The Philippines, being a Southeast Asian country, only has two seasons: Dry and Rainy; there is no in-between-- just these two extremes of temperature. Filipinos try to escape from the unrelenting heat of the sun by going to the pool/beach, staying cool indoors, or climbing to places in high altitude-- and Baguio City is one such place. Dubbed the "Summer Capital of the Philippines", Baguio City in the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines is about 1,500 meters from sea level. It is close to the sun, but it's cool and crisp most of the year. From my experience living in Baguio for almost two years, temperatures can go up to 33° Celsius during dry season to as low as 9° Celsius during the rainy season. February and December, in my opinion, are the coolest months.
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