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This is a map of the countries I've been to. It's not much as of now, but I promise it'll keep growing. 

I'm actually an expensive traveler, but I'm not picky about sleeping quarters as long as there's AC. I'm pickier about where I'll be eating. When I plan itineraries, I see to it that there are lots of family-fun attractions to be visited because I often travel with a pre-teen brother and (more recently) a three-year old infant who loves to swim and jump from high places. A complete itinerary for me needs to be composed of: an amusement park or two, swimming time, sight-seeing, and a complete list of potential eating places.

My family and I usually let airline seat sales dictate when we're traveling. We usually rely on budget short-haul airliners such as Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia, but that's not to say we don't book rides on classier airlines.

I traveled Canada alone on June-September 2014 for personal reasons. It was a very beautiful place! I especially loved it there that I even thought I could live and work there!

Hong Kong was actually the very first country I traveled to with my family. I was too young, then (I think I was 16) to think about properly documenting the trip. We went back as a family for the second time in February 2017 to celebrate my baby niece's birthday in Disneyland!

Our trip to Tokyo, Japan was a dream come true for my entire family. My mom, sister, brother, baby niece and I stayed there for twelve solid days from April 2 to 14, 2017 just to take in the sights. We were very impressed with the country's beauty, peace and order, and culture! We think that the Japanese people are the most agreeable people in the whole planet-- they're very cultured, disciplined, respectful, and helpful to gaijins like us! We will definitely come back!

We traveled to Macau on a family vacation on the summer of 2016 (April-May). Macau taught me that prejudices about a certain country should never get in the way of a wanderlust. Sure, the country may be small and casino-laden, but the fact is that I have never gotten over my hangover from my visit there because it was one of the best countries that I have ever been to so far. 

We went to Malaysia on May 2014. I thought this country looked and felt a lot like the Philippines even though they're so much different.

Singapore is one of the countries I couldn't get over with. I visited this very charming place on July 2013.It was so charming that I went back on August 2013 alone just to go to the places I couldn't get to on my first trip. 

All the countries that I've visited have overwhelmed me and led me to believe that the world is indeed big and beautiful, and that it would be a crying shame to not explore even further. However, one country in particular, has taught me to look back to my roots and never forget who I really am deep inside. The Philippines is another overly-beautiful country that has about 7,100 islands each filled with its unique charms and offerings-- and no matter where I go, I will always look back to its pristine beaches and swaying palm trees and remember how beautiful our world truly is.

Here's a list of the specific places I've been to (some come with a link to its accompanying tag):
   1. Langley
   2. Vancouver
   3. Whistler

   1. Hong Kong

   1. Tokyo


   1. Ipoh
   2. Kuala Lumpur

   1. Aurora 
   2. Baguio City 
   3. Bataan
   4. Batangas
   5. Benguet 
   6. Cebu
   7. Davao del Sur
   8. Ilocos Norte 
   9. Ilocos Sur
   10. La Union
   11. Laguna
   13. Nueva Ecija
   14. Palawan
   15. Pampanga 
   16. Pangasinan 
   17. Tarlac 
   18. Zambales

   1. Singapore
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